Sunday, October 14, 2012

Section 3

In this section of the book, I feel that the crew members have lost a lot of their motivation for this journey. As for food, there is a lot some days and almost none others. I feel like this is mainly the reasons for their loss in motivation. I felt as though whenever the men got slightly ahead, something would drastically go wrong. These men are definitely very courageous, and even though there is a shortage in food and no land in sight, these men have a little hope in this journey. In this section, you can really start to see Shackleton's true colors and see how he handles certain issues on the ship. I really don't know if he was as prepared for this journey as he planned on it. Also, I am devastated that he had the dogs killed. It just blows my mind that the dogs were killed yet they were so loyal to the men unlike the seals they fed on. It is totally different killing them opposed to killing the dogs. Even though it is not much, a little hope i'm sure will go a long way for these men. This was by far the best section i've read, it really got and kept my attention.


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