Thursday, October 4, 2012

Section 2

As the Shackleton's adventure continues forward, it is apparent that there is more of a struggle in these chapters, which gives the storyline more of a sense of adventure. One part that had really stuck out in my mind was the constant sruggle for food. As the journey moved forward and the ship members had half hazardly eaten the food on board faster than they should have, it is interesting to follow their thought process. It seems like theres one thing on everyone's mind--food. Ship members are now starting to get their food resources elsewhere, such as whale blubber. This coincides with what we had learned in class on Tuesday. The hungrier you are, the more we tend to think about satisfying that hunger.
Shackleton continues to show great posititvity, just as he did in previous chapters. He is also the teams best motivator, using his people skills to move the team forward as a whole. Even after the sinking of the ship, Shackleton tried his best to keep the shipmates working as a crew. It must have been psychologically overwhelming to see your dreams sink before your very eyes, but Shackleton keeps strong and presses on. Their most important goal has now become survival. Even though I was intruiged from the book from the very beginiing, now I am anxious to read on and find out if they truly are able to stay positive and cross the Anartctic as a whole.

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  1. I agree, one of the main things that stood out to me was the lack of food these men had. Every time a new problem occurred I would put myself in their position and really think about what they were going through. Unlike them, I probably would not have made it. The first chapter of this story seemed interesting, but now since there are problems occurring I was definitely excited to read more of this story!!