Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Endurance: the beginning

For the book, Endurance, we divided into groups of six and we each had different chapters that we had to read and come up with Q&A's that could possibly be on the test. I chose the first group because i just wanted to get it over with and i have a problem with memory, so i didnt want to forget to do my questions. Anyways, i found the book really boring. Its about a journey and sailors. My group had chapters 1-8. I had chapter 5. All they really did in my chapter was introduce many characters. When we presented our questions, some say they were too hard, but c'mon they were right from the passage.

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  1. In the beginning I thought that the book would be extremely boring, but I think that it shaped up and became more exciting as we go on. I'm curious to see if you still hold this stance after finishing the book. Good post!