Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance #2

I very much enjoyed reading this section of the book because it cut right to the survival aspect of it all. Also during this section, we got to read about Shackleton's feelings (more negative) to some of the crew members and how he stopped mutiny and people from quitting. He put different types of people into assigned tents and when a person did disobey him, Shackleton set him straight by pointing out that survival is key and that his job needs to be done wether on sea or on land. Though, I admire all of the crew members' work and their efforts towards getting things done no matter the weather, the low or high moods, and the fact that the Endurance was vanishing quickly. Their ability to still go on with their  daily schedules of work and even play astonishes me and gives hope and light onto their situation. I also admire Shacketon's strong leadership qualities and how he is quickly able to evaluate a situation and know his options. A shocking moment in the book was when he put down the valued Bible given by the Queen and only took the pages he truly needed.  We see in this chapter though, that the big responsibility of the crew and their lives weighs heavily on his heart and mind. I am interested in seeing how their journey with the lifeboats and the supplies that they were allowed to bring with them will turn out.

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