Thursday, October 11, 2012

With the new year here, they are realizing how desperate they really are. There isn’t a lot of food to be caught however, five crabeater seals and an emperor penguin were found and killed.  Unfortunately, Wild and Orde-Lee had to encounter a life threatening experience. A twelve foot long 1100 pound sea leopard popped its head out of the snow and ran after Orde-Lee and then Wild. It was finally shot and killed by Wild. I am not sure how I would have reacted to an animal like that trying to eat me. I feel as if Greenstreet is realizing the reality to possibly have to stay there through the winter and Shackleton's optimistic attitude isn’t accepting that. His food rations that the crew has are very low. Orde-Lee actually collapsed from hunger.  Shackleton decided to kill the dogs, which is sad because they have an emotional bond to the crew however, oddly enough they called it a treat for them. I feel as if the dogs represented another piece of civilization which they had to kill off. One terrible part of being on this trip I would say is the bathroom situation. Since they are not eating healthy foods and living off of blubber their stomachs are feeling the side effects.  The crew worried a little less about starvation once they caught about 600 penguins. This didn’t give them a lot of meat because there was so little on each penguin. Macklin wrote in his diary that he is starting “to get anxious with the idea of escaping” (120,Lansing). I hope they do escape soon they have endured a lot so far. During their small rationed breakfast one morning a strange shape appeared and thankfully Wild shot it.  It was an 11 foot long sea leopard. They are now able to feast on 1000 pounds of meat, this is a positive for them as well as the sight of land. Some men didn’t even want to look because there was a chance of disappointment. Unfortunately, Shackleton gave the order to board the boats because they were heading east away from the land. Where they will end up next is unknown but I hope it’s a safe place and in an area where there are animals to hunt.

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