Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance: Section 2

Section two was absolutely much more digestible than the first.  I found it interesting and to be much more adventurous.  The men had somewhat accepted the ship's prolonged dying process and began salvaging what they could from her.  They finally set up a long-term(ish) camp where they could survive.  They were still hungry and very driven by food.  Worsely had written something along the lines of all the men could think about was food.  This was something they had never experienced before and unusual to them.   I was also particularly intrigued by Shackleton's adaptability with his men.  He seemed as if he knew them better than they did because he was able to read them and word things in a way they not only heard but understood and accepted it.  This is going to be key to reduce hostility and increase survival on their voyage.

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