Friday, October 12, 2012

Part III

As I continue this book, I think in regards to how I feel I am extremely motivated and driven, but the men in this story go above and beyond any level that I could ever attempt.  Lansing paints such a vivid picture of despair and weariness at this point.  I can visualize the men , trudging, clothes weighing heavy , and water soaked.  The only recourse at this point ( or any point of the trip thus far) is to give up, but give up and die?  Lay down and try and give up?  I think that would be harder for all the men.  I see where the motivation is driven from at this point.  This story is the true "Survivor" show .


  1. I think that giving up was not an option. You make a good distinction about how they were affected by their weariness and despair affected their drive. It was evident that the optimism and motivation they had previously was diminishing. But it's important to acknowledge how these conditions did not make them give up completely. Doing so would have meant death. So, it's apparent that while attitude had definitely changed, the will to live was still strong.

  2. It is clear to see just how extremely motivated and driven these men are. Losing this battle is NOT an option for them. These men refuse to die and continue to fight with every last bit of energy they have left in them. Your comment on this being the true "Survivor" show fits this story perfectly.