Monday, October 1, 2012

First Post/ Endurance 1

After reading the first part of Endurance and continuing onto part 2 I hope the book becomes a little more interesting. The characters however, especially Shackleton and Black Borrow, seem to add substance to the book and keep me interested. I hope to see how motivation begins to enter the premise of the book as we continue reading. I am also looking forward to seeing what types of people the crew turns out to be and what motivates each individual person (whether it be honor, financial success, or just love of adventure). Certainly Shackleton seems to be the driving force behind the crew, as he is captain, but I am also anxious to see who else steps up and tries to motivate the crew through what seems to be a story about an extremely difficult struggle ahead. The story though dull at the moment is obviously an excellent choice for this class. I am sure we are all about to learn and read an incredible story that depicts men from many different walks of life coming together under one leader for the pure thrill and heartache of motivation   


  1. I agree, the characters are what kept me interested in the book. I think that Shackleton is most definitely the force behind his crew as we read later on in the book the men faced a lot of problems that Shackleton had to get through. I can't wait to read the last few chapters to find out what else happens!

  2. "heartache of motivation", is exactly what the men are about to experience as the book goes on. It is interesting to see the motivation that comes from the men that are about to embark on such a harsh trip, which shows the true passion of these adventure seekers.

  3. I agree that the first two sections of the book were rather on the boring side. It was slow to start but it turned out to be a really interesting and intriguing book. Looking back, the first two sections really helped define the men from the beginning and made it easier to understand their different personalities as the book continued on. I am glad it got much more interesting from here on out.