Thursday, October 11, 2012

Endurance Post #3

Approaching the near middle of the book seems to be a decline in optimism and motivation to move forward.  Their voyage still seems unpredictable.  Hallucinating land ahead and worrying about constant food supply is starting to psychologically mess with the men.  They are becoming bored with the same books, tunes, and are even losing faith in each other.  They are starting to doubt their leader, Shakleton, for example when he forces them to kill the dogs for food.  The men use these dogs as a sense of attachment and have formed companionships with these animals.  Time is barely passing, and the weather conditions are leaving the men cold and tired.  The men are even forming sores on their faces from icicles caused by tears.  Living conditions are also not a guarantee everyday.  When the wind picks up at first it is a sense of relief.  That is until their boats drift once floes split to find out that their direction of travel was opposite of their desires.  This section did not end on a positive note.

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