Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance Post #2

           Reading the second section of this novel was incredibly easier than reading the first section! The chapters had their events in chronological order starting with them at their campsite on the ice and ending with them on not so solid ground. Reading their journey in chronological order and additionally, having the pace of writing be quickened was what made it easier and more enjoyable to read. 

           Motivation was by far the highest contributor to them surviving this section. Shackleton's wisdom was shown in this section through him carefully picking who sleeps in what tent and how he approaches and speaks towards each man. Shackleton is so highly motivated to have a successful expedition and to keep everyone on track and more importantly, alive. Through the journals, it is evident that positivity and motivation were present in each member. Personally, I was shocked as to how much they were motivated. Looking back at the lectures given in class, I can only think of the discussion we had pertaining to the example of working out and running. We set a scale up in class about how motivated we would be at different times of the day to wake up early and go running. The numbers ended up being lowest in the morning! While reading about the men getting up extremely early and having various tasks to do like preparing to move again or having nightly duties of staying awake and keeping look-out, I hypothesized that their number on the scale had to be super high. If that is the case, their motivation was consistently high throughout this section. Towards the end however, the carpenter McNeish, turned on Worsley claiming that since they are not currently on the ship he was not obligated to take any orders from him. Shackleton being the great leader that he is approached him in a way that suited his personality and current demeanor which motivated him to stay and do his assigned duty!

        Although it seemed like they were never starving or in any way physical dying, living in those horrid conditions is seems emotionally difficult! I can not imagine being in their position and keeping such a positive attitude. I already began reading the third section because I am curious to find out what happens after they found out the floes are not secure!

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