Saturday, October 13, 2012

post 3

In part three of Endurance, you start to see the men become more challenged as the chapters progress and how they are starting to go through more and more hardships, with the lack of food and where they need to go and how far away are they. Specifically in chapter three the men start to figure out how far they are away from places like Paulet Island. The are about 90 miles from their destination. But at this point there are men that want to escape and men that just really want to give up. The men are also finding it harder to find things to occupy their time with because they have been doing it for such a long period of time already. One of the main hardships that the men are facing it all the ice that they are encountering and how it will come apart and then all of a sudden it will close back up so that they can not get through. It is becoming harder and harder to find food. In chapter four they were talking about how they have not killed a seal in about 3 weeks and that id their biggest food source. So being that they have no food most of the men are starving. I can't wait to continue reading and see what happens next.


  1. It's difficult to think about these men struggling to find food (for example when you say that they hadn't seen a seal in three weeks) when you think about how Shackleton told them not to kill too many seals. I feel that the burden of hunger could have been greatly relieved had they been able to hunt at will when the game was more plentiful.