Thursday, October 4, 2012

Part II

Like most of my classmates, I also think that part II was a much easier section to read. It flowed better than part I. Although I was intrigued by this story from the beginning, I was really interested in the story line in this part and what will happen in future parts. To start, the men's motivation for food correlates with the class discussion on food and the need to satisfy hunger. It can easily be tied in because the men were willing to eat whale blubber just to satisfy their hunger. They would eat anything that would get their minds off of food. I can't imagine being in that predicament but I think I would feel the same and eat anything to satisfy my hunger. Also, despite the fact that they are in awful conditions, the attitude of the men seems very positive from their diary writings and actions. As a whole they don't let these tough conditions break them down and get the best of them. They continually push and keep a good mindset. It is very inspiring. I wonder if this motivation and positivity will continue in the next sections. Shackleton is also a very motivational leader and I like his leadership. He keeps the men going . It is important for him to have a positive presence on the men because they look up to him and I think they feed off of his attitude. I look forward to reading part III.


  1. I agree that it is extremely important for Shackleton to keep a positive attitude at all times because he is what seems to keep the men staying strong in order to follow his lead. I also agree that he definitely does have great leadership skills and keeps the motivation alive along their journey.

  2. i agre with both of you that if not for Shackletons positive outlook and responses to his crew they could not have gotten as far as they have. In any situation, we follow by example , and Shackleton does an excellent job of motivating and leading the way