Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance post 2

Section two of Endurance was a lot more interesting and easier to follow than the first section. There were a lot less sailing terms to follow. I liked how they went into exactly how the crew was going to attempt to survive. Shackleton also has a huge weight on his shoulders trying to keep the spirits up of his companions. All six chapters went in depth into the moral of each crew mate. Shackleton knew what each person needed to keep going and he was gonna try his hardest to keep everyone's thoughts positive.
However, you can tell there was still a lot of desperation throughout the crew. Before the ship sank, no one would've eaten blubber. They were very accustomed to their cozy rooms and their well cooked meals. Now most of the crew will gladly eat blubber to stay alive. Also, they continually go back to the ship for more supplies. I think thats a part of their fear of not having enough to survive.

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