Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post 2

Section 2 in my opinion was a bit more entertaining than the first section of this book.  The men are being faced with more and more obstacles, yet for the most part, coninue to have an optimistic outlook on their situation.  The Endurance has finally sunk in this section, and this in itself was one of the more demoralizing events of the section, being that, the ship sort of represented one of their last ties with civilization.  Though mostly everyone has stayed somewhat cooperative and positive up to this point,  towards the end of the section, McNeish showed one of the first real signs of fatigue and refused to continue onwards.  However, the problem was solved and McNeish continued on with his next assigned duty.  Shackleton felt uneasy from McNeish's little episode because he worries others may feel the same way.       

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