Thursday, October 11, 2012

Endurance Part Three

                Section three was easy to understand. Their food ration increased and decreased several times throughout the section, along with their positive outlook. Some of the men got excited when land was spotted, because they hadn’t been on land in so long. However, Greenstreet was cynical. He said that he would rather see seals and penguins because they meant food, instead of land. Some tension started to come out when a trip for supplies was canceled; an argument broke out leading to milk being spilled during a time when food and drink were to be used sparingly. Towards the end, however, the men were more hopeful. They had killed an 11 foot long sea leopard that was nearly 1,000 pounds of meat. After that, they were more inclined to kill animals for food when they spotted them. It’s a good story and one can only imagine the hardships the men are facing through each section. The only thing I don’t like is how they keep going into detail on how they kill the seals, penguins, dogs and any other animal they come across. I try to skim those parts because I couldn’t imagine killing my animals and then asking for a piece of them to eat.

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