Thursday, October 4, 2012

Section 2

In this section the men were out of  The Endurance and living out of tents and  make shift forts made out of whatever they could use from the ship. They also salvaged what they could from the ship to be used for other things such wood for a fire to cook meals.  Every day they would searh for any store they could use as it sank lower and lower until the water that quickly froze over. They had to live off of rations at first but quickly learned they could live off seals and penquins. By the end of this section they were looking forward to having enough food that they wouldn't have to live off rations. They were also looking forward to to find some kind of land However, the conditions were not looking favorable for this travel.The crew did not give up hope. They continued to stay positive and believe they would make it out of the situation they were in.

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