Thursday, October 11, 2012

Endurance #3

In this section of the book, the crew endure more hardships and their optimism and humor has decreased. Throughout the section, the men experience the constant increase and decrease in food, the lessening of patience with the crew members, and questioning of their leader's capabilities.The men still also had to endure bad weather conditions, most leading to soaking wet sleeping bags or tents.  The dogs were all finally shot under Shackleton's command, but I find this saddening because the men saw the dogs as pets and something to love. However, once they used the dogs' meat for food, you would think otherwise because the men wouldn't stop commenting on how tasty and delicious it was compared to the constant blubber meat they would have. Although the argument for that would be that survival is still above all else and what has to be done has to be done.  Another unfortunate aspect of this section of the book is that the crew get very close to land at some points, but they drift away from it on the ice. At the end of the section, it does not end well due to the men having to rush to pack up their belongings and tents due to ice cracking around them. Their only option is to get into the small boats and hope that the paths open to them won't close in a short bit of time.

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