Friday, October 5, 2012

Part II

I found Part One to be interesting although it was a little hard to read at times. However, Part Two was much easier to read, although I found it to be a little sad. It started off with the men only being able to bring certain items with them because anything extra weighed against their chance of survival. In this situation, it makes sense to leave behind personal value items, but I imagined it was hard on the men, to leave behind their last pieces of home. I also found it sad when they had to kill the animals that were slowing them down, or when they had to kill seals for food. I understand their motivation to not die of starvation was very high, and anyone would do what it takes to survive in a situation like this, but I felt sad when reading in detail how they had to kill the animals. The men are very motivated in everything they do, which you see in each chapter. I wonder if their motivation will fall soon, or if they will try to keep it going strong.


  1. I feel that their spirits are still up because of the amount of food that was found under the deck in the beginning of the section. Before this, there general outlook towards food was changing and they were beginning to worry. The barrels of food allow them to eat full rations for the next two months. I hope this keeps their spirits up. Also, I agree that it was upsetting reading about the ways in which they kill the seals. However, this is one way in which their motivation to not starve to death is being shown.

  2. I agree that Part 2 was easier to read and I also found this section to be sad. I mentioned the same thing in my post that reading into detail about how they killed the animals just totally dampered my mood at that point in the story. It is unfortunate that they needed to do that to save their own lives of starvation.

  3. I also agree that this part was much easier to read. It was definitely more interesting but also sad like you said. It was necessary to leave behind personal belongings but at the same time I couldn't imagine having to do it. The same thing goes for the animals. Obviously the crew needed to eat but the details about how they killed the animals was disheartening.