Sunday, October 7, 2012

Post 2

I also found that section two was a lot easier to read. I was quite interesting and came together a lot better then part one. You can see the adventure aspect in part two a lot more than you did in part one andI like that because it makes the book more interesting. You can also still see the struggle that these men are going through and that it is getting harder and harder as the book goes on but this is the part that makes the book interesting and that you can see all the adventure that these mean are going through. You can also see the motivation that Shackleton has for his crew to keep pushing then forward and no matter what he is going to help them. He tries to keep the crew on task through out everything including when the ship sank.

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  1. I agree this section was easier to read than the first one. The adventure part of this section makes it an easier read and more exciting. Im glad Shackleton keeps the crew right on task and makes the hard choices a leader has to