Thursday, October 4, 2012

Section 2

I really enjoyed this section of the book. I thought it was very interesting how much the sight of the boat affected the crew. Seeing the crashed boat everyday gave the crew members a sense of hope. They even talked about how it made them feel like they were invincible because the boat withstood so much. As soon as the boat went under, the crew moral took a dip. It was as if the crew lost some hope, and felt like they will go under as well.
            I thought it was very interesting how Shackelton handled his crew. Number one, he made sure to put people he thought could be a problem in specific tents. This was in an attempt to stop mutiny. Even when his one crew member started to display his fatigue, he laid down the rules and righted the moral. 

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  1. I agree with you about how outstanding Shackelton handles his crew. It is a lot of pressure and responsibility to not only keep his men alive, but to keep them in good spirits. He is a fair man who is looking to provide the best he can for his crew given their unfortunate circumstances.