Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance part 2

Section two of Endurance was such a relief compared to section one. I felt much more interested in what was happening, and could get through the section much faster. From reading some of the other posts it appears that others agree with me. I am happy to see that the characters in the book are still in good spirits ( as good of spirits as they can be, considering their situation). It is truly inspiring. Also, I think its interesting how the men can just pull it together under such immense difficult circumstances and get the work they need to get done finished. Its funny how no one really speaks or discusses the unfortunate aspects of their situation, but rather jumps in and does the work. There are so many reasons to complain and give up, but for the most part everyone is being very heroic, responsible, and dignified. What tremendous men! They really do show great motivation...can't wait for section 3.

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  1. This section was definitely easier than section one. I was worried that the whole book was going to be that hard to get through. I think the reason why the crew doesn't really discuss their tragic situation is because they don't need any further reminder of what might happen to them. The men are definitely strong with the way they are handling it. I don't know if i could duck it up like they did.