Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance Post 2

After reading the first section of Endurance I was not quite sure if I would really enjoy this book. As everyone has mentioned it did start out slow. However the second part seemed to pick up the tempo significantly. After Shackleton's Endurance is scrapped I was astonished at how loyal these men were (I guess they really had no other option at this point). The men work tirelessly for Shackleton moving crates and boxes of supplies from the wreck and onto ice. I am amazed at how they used the massive and chilly ice as a camp site. The men must have been freezing and not to mention extremely hungry. As the men manage to save a decent amount of food and three boats, I wonder how more of them did not question their decision to make this insane trip. At this point in the book many of the men seem to be holding onto their motivation. Is that smart or illogical? I guess we will find out more as we read. The idea that the men must make a trip to Paulet Island with only three boats and as little supplies as necessary is quite a challenge. This section was much better than the first and begins to set the scene for the rest of the adventure.

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  1. I agree.. I know when I do something i think will be a great idea and then it turns out not to be I am always thinking about it.. It's like why did I do that? What was I thinking. There must have been some of those kinds of thoughts in the back of their mind. I guess they just figured the would try to make the best of it anf try not to think about it. I was really suprised that they ended up leaving a lot of personal items. Like pictures. Shackleton even left his Bible that was given to him by Queen Mother Alexandra. I'm so sentimental, I don't think I could do that.