Thursday, October 4, 2012

Endurance: Post #2

      I first off wanted to say that the book has definitely gotten much more interesting and I no longer have to force myself to read it.  I would agree with Shackleton when he told the crew members that no article was more important then their survival.  On page 64 it says, "Shackleton pointed out that no article was of any value when weighed against their ultimate survival, and he exhorted them to be ruthless in ridding themselves of every unnecessary ounce, regardless of its value."  When all is said and done their own safety and survival is above everything else.  I will say that I was surprised that Shackleton threw out the Bible that Queen Alexandra had given him and left it in the snow.  The book states, "it was a dramatic gesture, but that was the way he wanted it."  I was curious as to why Shackleton chose to tear out the one page from the Book of Job with the following verse on it: "Out of whose womb came the ice? And the hoary frost of Heaven, who hath gendered it?  The waters are hid as with a stone.  And the face of the deep is frozen."
      It was so sad to read about the dogs that were killed in Chapter 1 of this section.  I am an animal lover and dogs are my favorite so I definitely didn't enjoy reading that part. Shackleton ordered the three youngest puppies to be killed along with an older puppy from a different litter.  The author couldn't just say that the puppies were killed, but instead he mentioned that they were taken a distance from the camp and shot to death.  On page 66 it mentioned that Macklin's duty was to destroy Sirius and that he could hardly face his task.  It was such a sin that the puppy was jumping up wagging his tail and trying to lick Macklin's hand but yet he still had to finish him off. 
      McNeish wrote:  "Hog-many (the Scottish feast of New Year's) and a bitter one too, being adrift on the ice instead of enjoying the pleasures of life like most people.  But as the saying is, there must be some fools in this world." As unfortunate as their current situation is on their journey, McNeish is right when he mentioned there must be some fools in this world.  In other words, someone has got to do it and along with pleasure comes pain but I'm sure the reward in the end will outweigh all of the obstacles they have faced.  On page 97 it says that Shackleton wrote, "The last day of the old year: May the new one bring us good fortune, a safe deliverance from this anxious time and all good things to those we love so far away."  I'm anxious to read on and find out exactly what is in store for their journey in the new year. 

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