Friday, October 12, 2012

endurence post #3

Section 3  was a  little more upsetting, since  things are getting  more frustrating. The crew are aware  that  they are becoming more and more powerless, and  the men  are  not as motivated even though they do try to work it out.  They seemed to loose hope, and  at the beginning, there seemed  no way out, which seems really frustrating to me. Also,  I liked the point that they are trying to keep it as cheerful as they can, but due to the situations, the ups and downs they are having, they are not able to keep it up that way.   They are running out of food as well. Also what really made me feel bad is, when they were told that  they might end up eating dogs.  I can not even imagine that, in freezing cold, no place to sleep, nothing to eat, (specially eating dogs)no hope weather they will survive or not, and they are still working it out, because they are really motivated, and section three also included pictures of endurance which made it even easier to imagine the situation they were dealing with.


  1. I thought that was the saddest part in this chapter when they were told that they may have to end up killing the dogs for food. Desperate times do call for desperate measures, but if I was in such a situation I really don't think I would have the heart to be able to kill my own dog.

  2. I agree that this was a sad section. It is very sad to need so bad that you have to consider slaying something you have grown attached too. I am sure they did not assume they would eat the dogs before they began this voyage.