Thursday, October 11, 2012

I found section 2 much more enjoyable to read then the first section. What I really found interesting also kind've aburd was that when the men got hungry they started to resort to whale blubber. This showed that they were very motivated to stay alive and they would eat just about anything to do so. You would think that because the decrease in food the men would lose their hope, but they kept right to their journey with good spirits. I found it interesting that it said that Shackleton had a fear of losing control, but yet he is so far out in the water in the middle of nowhere how could he not lose control (I sure wouldn't be able to). Although I knew it was coming, the sinking of the Endurance still came as a surprise. The men were so close to this ship because it was tied into civilization and that was the only real civilization they had left. I feel as though the reason they were so optimistic about this journey even though there was a decrease of food was mainly due to the fact that the Endurance was still going strong. I am very eager to read more of this book to find out what is going to happen next.

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