Thursday, October 4, 2012

     As everyone else had mentioned this section of the book has definitely gotten easier to read.  I think that the suspense of their survival is what helps.  Once they accept that they must abandon ship to move on they all work together to keep one and others heads held high.  Working to move crates and supplies off the ship and onto survival was the first step to wondering if life on ice would last.  The men couldn't get anymore hungry which led to them eating blubber.  Shakleton, the leader of the expedition, considered himself to be one of the crew men.  He works right next to each one of the men in conditions he never saw coming.  Making sure that each member gets what they need to stay sane proves yet again how strong Shakleton is to have around.  Only having three boats left to travel in, and even watching the puppies die off he still moves on.  In the beginning of part one when he was choosing his crew, and even though it didn't take much to choose one man, all of these men are very similar.  Most of the men in their given circumstance are doing well.  Managing to keep a positive mind set, sleeping in tents in the freezing cold, sparing their supplies, and making the best of the only resources around them I am curious to know what major event will come next.

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