Friday, October 12, 2012

Endurance post 3

Section three had many ups and downs through out all the chapters. The 
crew seems to only have two things to focus on, food and how far they 
have to travel too. They changed camps a few times and made progress 
enough because at the end of the section, they managed to see land of 
Paulet Island. Though getting this far was quite a struggle. The men 
grew hungry on various occasions and all the men spoke of how tiresome 
conversations have become between everyone. They grew found and ate 
hundreds of penguins. Food, including a sea lion, always seemed to be 
found when all hope was gone. Many of the dogs were sent off to be 
killed as well. I felt bad for Macklin for having to kill his dogs, he 
seemed very attached to him. I think my favorite quote of the book 
thus far came from Greenstreet right after the team spotted land, "What 
i would far rather see would be a crowd of seals coming up so we might 
get food and fuel." This was described as cynical in the book, but i 
feel that it was very realistic. Land was miles away, and the crew 
needs more than just high hopes to get there.

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