Thursday, October 11, 2012

It is amazing what a difference a day can make. We here this clique statement all the time in life, but in this book and this section especially it is scary to think about how true these words really are. The men’s morale was really tested in this section and tension was high. In the beginning of this section, it seemed as though the men were losing patience with Shackelton when they killed the seals and he told them to just leave them, but they did not retaliate or get to upset. When the food and blubber supply started to get low however, and the dogs had to be killed, I feared that a mutiny might be in the works. Just like that their prayers were answered when a sea leopard almost killed one of the men, but they were able to bring it down themselves instead. This in turn not only gave them plenty of food and blubber to keep them content for a while, but also a little hope and morale. That seems to be the theme of this section as every time the morale begins to dwindle down, they are miraculously saved. Whether it be the groups of penguins they spotted, the other sea leopard, or even seeing land. Although they are constantly tested in this book, they always seem to have something good happen for them at just the right time. However, it is only obvious that as the books progresses this stream of “luck” is eventually going to run out. 

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