Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Science Behind Choosing A Mate

One problem I have with the theory of choosing a mate is that I don’t think anyone can be truly happy with someone until we factor in our personalities, instead of just looking at attractiveness. An example that I used in my post was that the cheerleader (10)  may think the football player (10) is very attractive, yet he is very rude to his peers, and is failing all of his classes due to lack of effort. The cheerleader (10) may then go for the nerd (6) because he is nice to everyone, is very smart, and has plans of having a very successful future; the Structural Powerless hypothesis. I think we pick our best mate once we’ve experienced real life, and figure out what we truly value. I also think it is interesting how women choose their mates for the highest survival rate of their offspring, meaning women look for a more wealthy man that they could see being the father of their children. I agree entirely with this, because my goal in life is to one day be an amazing mother. Having someone by my side that can help provide for our children, teach our children, and help them grow into amazing people is what is most important to me, not necessarily just their physical appearance, or what car they drive. I also think it is important to have an emotional attraction to your mate, not just a physical attraction.
I really liked this article from Harvard University, that looks into the chemicals in the brain involved with lust, attraction and love! Also, make sure you listen to the music while reading!!

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  1. I thought you made great points Brianna and I agree with your view that choosing a mate shouldn't just be based on attractiveness and the physical attraction in a relationship, but also emotional and personalities. You need to have a partner who you know is a good person and you love with every aspect of them.