Monday, July 29, 2019

"Self-control" by Victoria Wolford

"Self-control" is explained as the ability to regulate and change responses to avoid undesirable behaviors, to increase desirable behaviors, or to accomplish short term or long term goals. A person with "self-control" is someone who can control their reactions and responses to avoid temptations and achieve their goals. This is also described as someone being "determined" or someone having "willpower. "Self-control is an essential factor to a person's health and a person's well-being. Example of different types of goals is losing weight and exercising, not procrastinating, limited consumption of alcohol, or saving money. (Cherry, 2019).
Roy Baumeister, who is a psychologist and researcher, explained that the "lack of willpower" is not the only reason that some people can not accomplish individual goals. He states three essential aspects when someone is working towards their goals. Baumeister believes that people must have a "clear goal" in their mind. For example, if that person does not have a good idea about what they are trying to accomplish, it can lead that person to failure.  He also believes that people are more likely to achieve their goals if that person tracks their actions towards a specific goal. The achievement of the goal. Lastly, he believes in "willpower." This means he thinks people need to control their behaviors to achieve any goal. (Cherry, 2019).

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