Monday, July 22, 2019


This lecture was pretty interesting and made me think about my own food preferences. One thing that I noticed I do is taste aversion. Whenever I smell certain foods such as tuna, I get nauseous and find the smell take over the room. I also agree that humans eat bigger portions when they are given to you. At restaurants, I always feel as though I need to finish my meal (even when I'm too full) because the large portion is put in front of me. I also have watched 'My 600-Pound Life' and found that those people feeding the obese people are enabling them because they give them the large amounts of food that they are hoping for. This is something I have witnessed and its sad how some people will never be able to control their portions and therefore never lose weight. Lastly, I can relate to stress induced eating, considering I constantly find myself overeating while I study. But, sometimes when I'm stressed about multiple things, I find myself not having an appetite due to all the stress. Something I've learned from my own research is that anxiety/stress can also decrease your appetite and chronically suppress your appetite leaving you without hunger. This is something I've experienced which I've noticed to be the reason I have not eaten some days. After doing some research, I also found that anxiety can be directly related to eating disorders as well. I attached a link with more info.

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  1. The site you attached is awesome and brings up some pretty interesting points! I strongly agree that stress does alter the way one eats. I find myself eating tons of chocolate and cookies when I'm stressed which is not the best choice at all, but at least it is something I guess! Taste aversion is something I also find myself doing quite too often. The smell of food has the power to change my whole mood and deter my whole appetite. This could be due to me being such a picky eater, but it is something I cannot seem to shake.