Monday, July 22, 2019

Drug Lecture

As we all know drug addiction has become a huge epidemic that we deal with every day in today's society.  Even though we have so many resources and the right technology to help improve this epidemic it seems to be getting bigger. I’ve had quite a few people in my life family members and friends who got involved in drugs luckily I did not physically lose them but I did lose relationships due to their addiction. For example, my best friend growing up turned to drugs once we got into high school which is where our relationship started to fall apart. I chose a completely different path than she did and it and eventually led to us today not being friends whatsoever. As if high school isn’t hard enough dealing with your best friend struggling going through drug addiction made it 10 times harder.  Personally, I can not wrap my head around how someone lets addiction take over their life. After watching the video included in our lecture these individuals clearly know what they are doing isn’t going to get them anywhere but they know that the can’t stop on their own. The one-man even said that he knew all of the things he was sacrificing including his house, wife, and kids and he still chose to do heroin. Even with having family members and friends suffer from addiction after watching them suffer and hit rock bottom I still don’t get it and I don’t know if I ever will. It definitely one of the hardest things to watch because you can’t do anything for them when they are at that low you have to wait for them to be ready to change. But I guess in a way this is where the motivation aspect comes into play with someone wanting to beat addiction and live a normal life with friends and family. Here is a video explaining what heroin does as soon as it going into the body.

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