Thursday, July 25, 2019

Impulsive Choices

I found the topic on "Impulsive Choices" very significant. Impulsive choices root from many different circumstances and as people, we tend to make impulsive choices simply because we have a habit of letting our emotions "get the best of us." In other words, our impulsivity clouds our judgement in certain situations, especially in situations that causes us to get emotional, whether these emotions are negative or positive emotions. Whether we are feeling extremely sad, happy, mad, etc. For example, when we are mad, we tend so say things or do things we don't mean simply because at this moment we are EXTREMELY angry and we search for outlets to release this anger, especially in an argument. People say very hurtful things and regret this afterwards, then eventually come to the realization that they were being impulsive. Impulsive choices, in my opinion, are the results of our emotions getting in the way of us being able to assess and judge a situation clearly.  It is all a matter of really dissecting and assessing a situation really carefully in order to avoid, as much as we can, making impulsive choices. In reality, majority of the time, after an impulsive choice is made, regret usually follows after. On the contrary, impulsive choices may also lead to better things depending on the circumstances.

Here is a video that explains why people tend to make impulsive choices:


  1. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts about impulsive choices Airah. I also feel as though our emotions get the better of us and cause us to say things or do things without really thinking about it. In the moment, we are thinking about how mad or upset or any emotion we are.

  2. I completely agree with your post above. Our motions definitely do get the best of us sometimes especially depending on the situations that we may be in. Personally, I think as long as we are able to recognize it and apologize if needed you demonstrate self-control and self-recognition that makes you think about the type of person you are.