Sunday, July 28, 2019

Self Control

Self-control is defined as the ability to subdue one's impulses, emotions, and behaviors in order to achieve longer-term goals. I believed that self-control is very important because it can determine whether we will be successful with our goals or not. I know someone who has been trying to quit smoking for years now. He attempted to quit smoking so many times but he failed all the time. he always says "I'll just have one cigarette then that's it". One cigarette turns to two, three, four, until he started smoking again. A year ago, he was diagnosed with a health problem and it requires him to quit smoking. He tried to control himself and avoided all the possible reasons that can attract him to smoking again. he stopped going out, hanging out with his friends that smoke a lot and even tried a different hobby. He succeeded because of his self-control. Having the ability to control ourselves is very important in our daily life because we always have to make decisions that require self-control.
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  1. Hey Maricor,

    Great Post! I totally agree that self control is very important on our self goals as an individual. Nicotine addiction is very hard to get off of, I never smoked a cigarette a day in my life because I have seen all the health issues it has caused my grandma. She has all these health issues and still has no self control when it comes to just smoking "one a day". I always tell her she needs to resist on smoking and stay away from it since it is causing a lot of health issues.

  2. I agree! My mother is a smoker and I have talked to her about stopping. Her response is "I'm trying" or "it's to hard." I have never smoked. Therefore, I do not understand the feeling of trying or needing to quitting. However, I will continue to help her and motivate her to stop!

  3. Self control is very important! I completely agree that it can determine the success of our goals. You used a great personal example that I can also relate too. Sadly, someone close to me would smoke to relive stress. Thankfully, he did have self control and quit, but it was a very hard time for him and the family.