Monday, July 22, 2019

Food Lecture: Food Preferences

The food lecture was very interesting there are so many things throughout the lecture that we can all relate to. There are many different struggles that people go through on a daily involving food. Whether it may simply just be your food preference or you could go to the extreme of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. I really like the video included in our slides with the babies trying the different foods showing how each individual has their own preference of what they like. Personally, I believe that this video is a perfect example because as adults we can kind of play it off by acting like we like something compared to infants not really being able to control their facial expressions and how they truly feel.  I can definitely relate as I’m sure many others can to the Mere exposure effect. As a kid, I was an extremely picky eater but as I got older I knew I just needed to keep trying new things over and over and that eventually led into me liking so many new foods! One food that I just don’t seem to like is avocado, everybody always talks about it and how good it is so I always felt like I was out of the loop since everyone is now on an avocado kick. This is one food that I still continue to keep trying in different forms and I still hate the taste and texture. Throughout this whole lecture, there are so many examples that kept popping into my head this topic is so easy to relate to and I could go on for paragraphs talking about this lecture. I actually found a cool video called Why People Taste Things Differently. The video went over how some humans are Subtasters and others are Supertasters which is something that I never heard of so that was my fun fact of the day.

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