Monday, July 15, 2019

Food Lecture: Stress Induced Eating

This lecture discussed all about food ranging from, unusual foods that different cultures eat, different ways we eat, overeating etc. Stress induced eating was one the last topics discussed in this lecture it is basically when people overeat due to stress. They did studies on this and showed that people at the movies at more popcorn when watching a horror film, compared to people who were watching a comedy film. This is because stress arises when watching a thriller, causing a person to eat without even realizing. I chose this topic because I can relate to it. I tend to eat when I'm feeling stressed whether it is personal reasons, school related or work related. I believe that when a person is feeling stressed, they eat to raise their serotonin levels which helps a person feel happier; much of the time it is short lived and begin to feel stressed again. There has been studies where stress eating can even lead to obesity. I found an interesting link that discusses all the different types of stress eating behaviors:


  1. Stress has the opposite effect on me with regard to eating. In fact, when I am stressed, I do not
    have an appetite at all and I will forget to eat all day. I have read that when someone is experiencing
    acute high-stress, their appetite is suppressed. On the other hand, stress that is long term and not
    as intense causes an increased appetite. For me, it doesn’t matter whether the stress is intense or
    moderate, my appetite decreases when I am under pressure or stressed out.

  2. I eat a lot too when I'm stressed. Food is part of our daily life and it can reflect with out mood. When I'm sad I barely eat but when I'm happy I tent to eat healthy food.

  3. I enjoyed reading your thoughts abour stress eating. I can also relate to this topic because I tend to stress eat a lot during the semester. I notce I tend to eat more when im stress compare to my daily eating habits.