Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Positive reinforcement is huge everyday in life. This chapter opened my eyes on how many times we as humans have used this method everyday. When I played football it was used everyday I got a big run and had a good game. The more I ran the ball well the more I ended up getting the ball. They promised me a starting position if I keep playing as well as I did. Everyday I pushed my self to succeed and with them cheering me on everyday saying how great I was doing pushed me in a very positive manner. As for dogs, when we get a new puppy we have to train them to be potty trained. Most people give there dogs treats to show them that they did something good and that they should keep doing that because if they keep listening they will get a treat from doing what was right. This is a pure example on how positive reinforcement works not only on humans but on any house trained animals as well. This video below explains how positive reinforcement works on dogs and how to successfully do so.


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  1. I enjoyed your post and watching the video on how positive reinforcement is a huge component of successful dog training. I liked the point she made in the video where she said by using positive reinforcement, you are training your dog to cooperate with you instead of teaching them that you dominate them and that is why they should obey you. Also how she said overall positive reinforcement makes it so your dog wants to cooperate you instead of just doing it because they fear you. I think this was interesting because the same exact thing can be applied to parents and their children!