Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Honest Truth About Dishonesty - Jackie Kawich

Dan Ariely’s,  “The “Honest Truth about Dishonesty” is an eye opening and humorous look at dishonesty and what we say to ourselves to justify it.

I always thought of myself as a pretty honest, morally upright woman. However, after reading this book I question where my “honesty gauge” lies. Yes, I have embellished on my taxes, returned a coat after wearing it, ate some cherries out of the bag before paying for it, but for the most part I don’t lie, I’m just awful at it. I never put much thought into my honesty “tweeks”. . . until now. 

As I was reading Chapter 6, “Cheating Ourselves”,  I couldn’t help but to think of Social Media, “the necessary evil” (my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I honestly believe there are so many positive things about it. It’s a fantastic way to give people a voice, create communities, business marketing, generate job opportunities, connect with people. But when it comes to other areas, I think it gives people a huge opportunity to cheat themselves. 
Have you ever filtered a photo before sending it? Photoshop? Use a face enhancement app? '
'Whoa! I don’t have to look that bad? I can fix one will know. '
Is it that people feel so “less than”, that we must change who and what we are before the world sees us? 
Sometimes it’s just the moment. You don’t have to pose, filter, retake, it’s just the honest-to-God moment! 
For others, I wonder. Before you got the image that shows the world you and your life are perfect, what did it take/cost for you to get there?

After finding “just the right angle and the right light” with the tripod, the mom posed for pictures with her daughter in and out of the water, then released her daughter to splash in the water as she wished, Flint said.

How many times you’ve seen a picture or video where someone, you may or may not know, looks the most beautiful, loved by all, is the absolute happiest, wearing the most fantastic and (wait for it) envy steps in? Congratulations, you have been “SM Trapped”!

I've recommended this book to many people, not only because it's a great read, but if you pay close attention to your everyday actions and words, you can see you aren't as honest as you thought you were. This book has made me become more aware, and I look forward to being better.

Side note: There is a section on “white lies” - I learned about them from my mother who I caught in a lie at the young age of 6.
“It’s only a white lie, it doesn’t really count.” she said
Wwhhhhattt??!? Did my ears deceive me? There are levels and colors of lies?
And the fun began! (along with being grounded, a lot!) 

Just a word of advice,  NEVER, NEVER…. EVER give your child a window of opportunity to lie.
Don’t break it down into anything that will make you feel better.
At the end of the day, a lie, is a lie. 

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