Monday, July 29, 2019

"Caffeine addiction vs. withdrawal" by Victoria Wolford

Terms such as "caffeine addiction" or "caffeine dependence" are the words mostly use to describe this type of addiction. However, the name "caffeine withdrawal" is the more appropriate way of describing the addiction. This occurs when someone who routinely consumes caffeine comes to a complete stop. (Stöppler, 2018).
In reviewing 170 years of research and creating a total of 57 different studies, Johns Hopkins University stated that withdrawal symptoms could vary from mild mood changes to flu-like symptoms. Symptoms would normally begin 12 to 24 hours after the last consumption of caffeine. This would result in more severe types of symptoms after one to two days. The symptoms would last for about two to nine days. In conclusion, if people were to cut down on their consumption of caffeine, research shows to do it portions or at a slow pace. (Stöppler, 2018).

Stöppler, M. C. (2018, June 13). Caffeine Addiction: Can You Quit? by (W. Shiel Jr., Ed.). Retrieved from

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  1. VIctoria,
    I really liked your response, I personally drink a lot of caffeine, and to know that you can not just stop drinking it is kind of crazy to me. We never really think of it as a drug because it is so common in everyday life. It does have real life effects, and it can really hurt you. I really am considering stopping drinking it.