Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Self control and procrastination plays a big role into each other during plenty of situations. During this lecture you see how these two relate to each other, especially to college students. By having self control you would not procrastinate any school work during the semester which a lot of students are guilty of when it comes to this topic. We all have that mind set we are not going to push off any work and do everything ahead of time. When it comes down to it we all tend to brush it off with no self control and procrastinate until we stress our self's with all the work at the end of the semester. Self control is something everyone should have in there life. When you are mad and do not want to express a certain side of anger they are ways to control your emotions using self control. Another example would be being on a diet and making sure you follow the specific diet so you can lose the weight or just stay healthy in general. Self control is key on a diet because you want to stay mentally strong and focused on the task at hand. This video below describes Why it is important & how to master self-control.


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