Sunday, July 14, 2019


I found the topic of sex appeal very interesting to learn about. I read through the powerpoint, and watched the videos and a lot of what was said made sense. When you think about it of course everyone wants to be with the most attractive person. A very basic idea of this in our society is the captain of the cheer team dating the quarterback of the football team. These people usually are the most popular and overall the most attractive. This would be examples of two "10's" being together. Then the thought that most people who fall short of being that "10" usually end up with someone of the same level of attractiveness also makes sense. This was seen in the video when everyone was stripped away or their nice clothes and hair, which I thought was very interesting to see it in person. Then the thought of social class and money being very important for women was introduced and that made a lot of sense as well. I just never thought about it very much, women do not have as many opportunities, and the pay is unfair so it would make sense that women out want to pair themselves with high paying men to support them and build a good life with. The fact that men did not consider this is concerning but in the end makes sense as well. Overall this was a very interesting topic to learn about. I looked more into the science of sex appeal and found another video which I will list below.


  1. I found this topic to be very interesting, also! It was relatable and definitely true in some aspects. I really enjoyed the video you uploaded. It showed how slight changes made to the human face made them more or less attractive for the opposite sex. This reminded me of how women and maybe some men get plastic surgery and alter their faces to become what they believe to be more attractive. Very interesting and different to learn about.

  2. I agree with all the points you made here. This topic was definitely intriguing as well. In today's society, people have their own definitions of sex appeal and moreover, just attraction itself. Attraction definitely comes in many forms. It can just be solely physical attraction, or it can go way deeper than that. I like the example that you brought up about the captain of the cheer team dating the quarterback of the the football team. That scenario itself is already pretty self explanatory! When it comes down to it, it is all also based on a list of standards. I also really liked the video you added, very knowledgeable.

  3. I also really enjoyed this lecture! However, as much as a lot of people focus on attractiveness, I don’t think anyone can be truly happy with someone until we factor in our personalities. An example that I used in my post was that the cheerleader (10) may think the football player (10) is very attractive, yet he is very rude to his peers, and is failing all of his classes due to lack of effort. The cheerleader (10) may then go for the nerd (6) because he is nice to everyone, is very smart, and has plans of a very successful future. I do agree that all of the information makes much sense in real life, and are not just theories. I also really enjoyed the video you posted, and how much physical attractiveness really alters how you think about someone, and can increase/decrease your sexual attraction towards them.