Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Rewards and Reinforcement

I found the chapter on rewards to be very interesting specifically the part on positive and negative reinforcement. It made me think more about the fact that both positive and negative reinforcement play a role in all of our lives every day. I think an example in my own life that is very important is how pos/neg reinforcement affects my schoolwork. I work hard to get good grades because doing so gets me positive reinforcement such as being on the Dean's List, getting praise from my family, having a better chance of getting into Graduate school, and so on. Where as negative reinforcement like the possibility of not doing well in a class and ruining my gpa also keeps me working hard on my schoolwork. The Big Bang Theory had a funny segment on Positive Reinforcement that while funny, also explains how the concept works quite well. Whenever Penny does something Sheldon approves of, she gets a chocolate which in turn makes her want to continue doing the behaviors he approves of.

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  1. I appreciated this chapter as well. I challange myself through positive reinforcement, that similar to you I strive for deans list and going to grad school post gradutation. If i do not push myself academically, negative reinforcement will come into play and decrease my GPA. The positive and negative reinforcements control my behavior based on what I hold most valuable.