Saturday, July 27, 2019


Self-Control it definitely a trait that everyone needs to have. Self-Control can be looked at in many different aspects, for example, being able to control your anger and emotions. In a case like that you need to know when to express how you are feeling you don’t want to become overly emotional depending on the situation. Before going over this lecture I never thought that self-control and procrastination would have been put together. But after I thought about it, it makes so much sense! You have to have enough self-control in order to avoid impulsive choices and decisions.  Personally, when it comes to school work I am the biggest procrastinator! At the start of every semester, I tell myself that I need to be on top of all of my assignments and complete them way before the due dates. But as I’m sure a lot of you can relate I find myself rushing at the last minute trying to complete assignments. I know in my head that this adds so much more stress into my plate but for some reason, I just can not break the habit. This upcoming fall will be my last semester so I’m hoping for the better and to have as little stress as possible. 

Here is a ted talk that really demonstrates the college life!

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  1. Great points Megan! Procrastination is my Achilles heel. No matter what happens, I ALWAYS find myself doing things at the last minute. The stress is overbearing, but at the same time when all of the work does get handed in on time, you can literally feel all of the weight being lifted off of your chest. Perhaps one day I'll be ahead of the curve.