Sunday, July 28, 2019


A reward is a thing given in recognition of one's service, effort, or achievement. I've learned that positive and negative reinforcement are very effective when it comes to changing a behavior or achieving a desirable behavior. Positive reinforcement is a reward for doing something well. Negative reinforcement is a penalty for not doing something. I practice this technique with my dog since he was a puppy. I always used positive reinforcement. For example, we trained him to pee in his pee pad, every time he does it we gave him treats (rewards) and every time he missed we let him stay in the corner for a couple minutes. After a few days, he learned how to pee in his pee pad and he never made a mess anymore. When our dog did something bad, we put him in the cage to lessen the behavior and this is an example of negative reinforcement. Rewards are very important to everyone because it is wonderful to feel that we accomplished something in life. Rewards give us the motivation to do better.
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  1. Hey Maricor,

    The way you explained reward was a perfect as in the way of training a dog. That was a perfect example on rewarding and negative reinforcement. I trained my dog the same exact way after repetition my dogs always were always house trained. Every time my puppies were getting trained we would give them a treat every time they peed on the pad and when they did not pee on the pad we would tell them no and pick them up and bring them to the pad so they know where to go.