Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Drug Use

Addiction has become a rapidly growing epidemic throughout America. Unfortunately for most people, addiction has either consumed themselves or that of a loved one. Like most people, my friends and I were personally affected from the disastrous drug choices of a beloved friend. This disease has become so widespread and quite uncontrollable. The clip in the power point, “Heroin addicts speak,” is very eye opening. Personally, I was not really aware that someone could be addicted to heroin for a prolonged period of time and still present themselves forming words and relationships. The stories of heroin users that I personally have heard, either end happily with recovery or the loss of a life. The one man in the video claims he has been shooting heroin for over thirty years. That amount of time completely baffles me. His tolerance has grown over the course of years and continues to increase with every needle. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that “approximately twenty three percent of heroin users become dependent.” Once a person tries heroin for the first time, it automatically alters the brain cells. Heroin treatments are extremely hard and emotional for the addict, but immediate help can change their life. https://americanaddictioncenters.org/heroin-treatment

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  1. Hey Angel,

    This is a subject I know very well since I had one of my family members was addicted to heroin majority of my life. I watched it destroy my family for years and it was devastating to witness and be apart of it. This disease is widespread and uncontrollable because people who do drugs you may not even know they even do it. That guy that has done heroin for 30 years is an absolute miracle he hasn't overdosed. I hope they change the court systems and help these people receive help and not fill jail cells for individuals who need help from there addiction.