Friday, July 26, 2019

Gut - Brain Connection

A big factor that always seems to control my life is food. I eat food when I’m bored, when I’m happy, sad, stressed- you name it. Unfortunately, many other people have this same issue. Food has become more of an escape than a way to replenish our bodies after utilizing the energy we’ve consumed. Another issue we run into is mindless eating, which is eating without paying attention to your plate, or how full your body is. This can be attained by watching television while eating, or even by trying to finish the over sized portion of food given to you. I’ve recently embarked on a health journey, and have replaced (mostly) all of my unhealthy habits when healthier ones. For example, when I need an afternoon snack, I’ve replaced my bag of BBQ chips that I was eating everyday, for some BBQ flavored sunflower seeds. I’ve always seen a change in my overall mood and energy level, due to my change in diet. So, while I was eating so much junk food in the past when feeling blue, I could’ve chosen healthy options to actually bring up my mood and energy!
This TED talk delves deeper into the gut-brain connection:

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