Saturday, July 27, 2019

Food Lecture

I found the food lecture to be very interesting. Especially, how woman eating habits during their pregnancy not only nourishes their baby in the womb, but may have a huge impact on their child food preferences later on in life. I did some further research on the topic and learn how still in the womb, the baby gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid daily. This fluid surrounding the baby is actually flavored by all the food and beverages the mother has eaten in the last few hours. Studies had shown that flavors like vanilla, garlic, anise, mint and carrots have been shown to be transmitted to the amniotic fluid and even the mother's breast milk. This increases the chances of your baby enjoying these flavors and food later on in life.

Here's a video showing kids trying out their mom's pregnancy cravings:


  1. Wow! This is very interesting. My best friend is currently pregnant and I will certainly be showing her this information! Thank you!

  2. Personally, I find that a mothers eating habits and cravings during their pregnancy eventually impacts their child's food preferences later on in life to be extremely interesting. This would actually explain a lot when it comes to me and my mom we have such similar eating habits. For example, we both have a love for chocolate and ice cream!

  3. I also found it interesting how a woman's eating habits while pregnant or nursing affect the babies food preferences! I really enjoyed the video you included I think it was cute to see the little kids try the foods their moms craved while they were pregnant! It seems like most things were a hit! Except the one little girl who didn't like spicy food and I think that shows how the innate preferences can be combined with learned preferences because the little girl may like spicy things once she is older.