Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mate Value

In today's society, standards are getting higher and higher in all aspects, and more specifically, when it comes to choosing a partner, companion, friend, etc. Whether we admit it or not,  in today's world, the idea of "Mate Value" is pretty prominent. In other words, mate value is how, in a way, we rate others based on their traits and make judgements based on these traits if he or she possess characteristics in a person we'd like to be with. To put it simply, do these characteristics make them attractive to us or not? Mate value is also tied to our own preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. Do they fit our list of standards we are looking for? Are they actually our "type?" Mate value can be dependent on aspects such as physical attractiveness and emotional attractiveness. For example, a mate value could be based on materialistic things like, "Would they be able to put a roof over my head? Can we invest in a house together?" or it could be as simple as: "Would this person be there for me when I need them most? Especially during tough times when I am feeling down?" Someone's mate value is all dependent on the person and how they view this and judge others' characteristics and whether or not this is something that is impressive or unimpressive to them.

For a better understanding, here is a video link where psychologist Jordan Peterson explains on how women rate men:

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  1. Airah, Great points! This puts to bed that age old saying of "it's what's on the inside that counts." While there may be some truth in that, that's not where an initial attraction lies. Finding a parter is hard, it makes you think the animals have it all figured out. Just make babies when necessary and call it a day.