Tuesday, July 30, 2019


I found this chapter very interesting, especially about the Energy Drinks.
I use to work for a major beverage company that sold energy drinks. Selling this product for over 6 years, I was able to see first hand of what these drinks can do to you. During a 1 hour meeting, my co worker would drink two. By the end of the meeting he was so "amped up" and talking sooooo fast that he was spitting and stuttering.  I'm not sure if its related, but he is now on disability due to a heart problem.  Depending on flavor, the drink can change a persons mood. For example, my manager would drink the "yellow can" and he become very short tempered and mean. When he drank any other flavor, he was a pretty decent guy.

And lets not forget the tooth decay...

So I ask, regardless of the drug, is it really worth it?

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  1. I never knew energy drinks could directly correlate to a persons mood. This is a very intersting concept that I am now going to look into further. I am glad I do not drink energy drinks, I like my mouth free of corrosion.