Monday, July 29, 2019


I have always found the idea of rewards to be very interesting. To see how people react to rewards it quite interesting. The idea of behavior training when it happens to animals and adults seems different. In my life I have played baseball, it was my sport and it was what my life revolved around. The way coaches manipulated you and pushed you all had to do with psychology. When you hit well or did well you would be praised. If we made an error we would have to run sprints, in order to try to negate the mistake, and stop us from making it later on. This was all behavior training, when you practiced better you earned more playing time, and batted higher in the line up. This was a strategy to do better, but it was also a lesson. If you were one of the worse players who was criticized a lot, then you had to push yourself to be better. The goal was always to get the reward.

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